Daniel Arnau was a Hawaiian steel player from Spain ...from Estivella, near Valencia to be precise. He was a popular musician in Paris in the late 1920s and early 1930s, recording for a number of labels such as Disque Henry, Fotosonor and Grammophone. Two of his recordings were made available on the " Paris Plages d' Hawaii" compilation a few years ago released by Paris Jazz Corner. It seems that after his brief period of popularity his career nose-dived and sadly he died forgotten .

Titled " Encantador de la guitarra hawaiiana" the cd on the Stylo Magic label  was only made  available as a very limited edition release of just 100 copies...strictly for serious collectors only! 

This  Arnau retrospective features 17 tracks with Daniel playing acoustic  Hawaiian steel guitar ...plus 3 rare German sides where Daniel is singing  with a tango orchestra. Finally the cd includes 2 "bonus" tracks recorded in New York by the David Manaku Troupe in 1919 ...Arnau isn't known to be present on these . However  he appeared with Manaku's band during the same era so they are good examples of the earliest Hawaiian music Arnau was exposed to.

The collection puts together most  of Arnau's 78s in one place. Some are incredibly scarce original discs provided by collectors such as  Ingo Scharnewski, Sam Palmer and John Marsden .

Also to be noted is the contribution made by Lluis Mesa from Arnau's home town in Estivella . Lluis has researched Daniel's career and background and has unearthed many treasures

The cd features notes by our expert friend , the late Cyril LeFebvre ... the cd notes are written in Catalan, Arnau's native tongue ...but for French and English customers  a  separate  translation is available

and here's a photo of Daniel Arnau ( thanks Lluis !)