Charles Paknadel

A mystery figure of Gino Bordin's early recording sessions from the early 1930s was the violinist Charles Paknadel.

Part of the story of Charles was told in the booklet notes to the Gino Bordin " Virtuose de la Guitare Hawaiienne" cd.

We decided to add a page to our site to cover a little more of Charles story here we go. Charles left Paris for a booking in Japan in the ealy 1930s playing in a tango orchestra at a very prestigious venue. While there he met and married a Japanese girl named Kimiko and when the tango club booking ended he returned to France with her. However Kimiko had no official papers so she could never leave France. During WW2 Charles' name appeared on a list of people instructed to report to the local police station. This would have led to deportation to a  concentration camp. Kimiko however appeared in Charles' place and asked that his name be removed from the list. Because Japan was an ally of Germany her request was granted and doubtless that saved his life.

While in Tokyo Charles made a handful of records ....this is a scarce recording he made which is in the possession of his family

Below is one side of an early recording made with Bordin just before Charles left for Tokyo

and finally a fabulous photo of Charles ( holding violin naturally) with band taken probably in the 1930s ...his wife Kimiko stands  to his left

Our thanks go to Tony and Malcolm Paknadel ( and also their Aunt Adrienne) for some of the above images and stories.