Way back in the 1930s Gino was a major star of radio stations in Paris , with his own show....and  his "guitare hawaïenne" recordings were played on stations across France and other other countries in Europe. Our friend John Marsden remembers hearing him on Radio Luxembourg in the 1950s, long after his heyday .

Now , following the release of the cd "Virtuose de la guitare hawaïenne" Gino is back on the airwaves . Several stations in the USA are regularly playing tracks from the cd , the late Charlie Gillett  played a track on his BBC World Service programme "Sound of the World" and fRoots magazine had a track on its January playlist .

Furthermore Cyril LeFebvre recorded a radio show with Hélène Hazera which was broadcast on  Radio France on January 3rd, 2010 . The show, based on Gino,  also features Cyril playing several songs.

Here are links to the above mentioned stations and/or shows ...many are available for download :

Hélène Hazera show : Cyril et Gino
                               above is no longer available to hear or download

fRoots :   January playlist

fRoots :   Radio playlist

Doug Gesler ,Radio WMBR ( Cambridge , Mass): Lost Highway

Jesse Kaminsky, Radio WMBR : The Intercontinental

Gary B. Goode, Radio KDVS: The Island Radio Cafe

Patrick Bryant, Radio WMBR : Subject to Change

Amy Battisti-Ashe, Radio WMBR : Spherio

Also listen out for shows by Gary Saylin at KDVS , Eric LeBlanc and Rod McCrimmon at CFUV ( Victoria, British Columbia) and  Ray Funk at KUAC in Fairbanks, Alaska.