Unfortunately there isn't  enough material by Prince Wong to make a reissue project ...but occasionally previously unknown recordings are still turning who knows, one day perhaps some enterprising label will make one.....

Prince Wong was actually George Prince Louis, born 14 January 1899 in San Luis Obispo, California. He was born into a well-known local family and his father Wong On Ah Louis established a number of businesses in the area , including the renowned Ah Louis Store ( check on wikepedia for more information).

George entered the music business in the 1920s and was a regular feature on vaudeville stages with an act " From San Francisco to Shanghai in 14 minutes" in which he played several musical instruments ...steel guitar, ukulele, guitar and maybe others.

In 1926 George made a handful of recordings for Pathé/ Perfect showing off his steel guitar and ukulele prowess with some sides also issued in England and France ...all are worth looking out for !! you can hear one of his recordings  by visiting

Below is a photo of George with his family in 1965

Prince Wong enjoyed a long career in the music business , was involved in producing TV commercials and taught music students . He also acted in Hollywood movies under the name Prince Waln , and this was the name he used in later life. His niece Joanna Watson-Wong tells us that he changed his name under threat of a law suit from another man using the Prince Wong name in show business

Prince Wong passed away 22nd May 1993 in Tigard, Oregon

We are very grateful to Jim Waechtler for the family photo and much of the biographical data above

Finally , tune into our Youtube page to hear Prince Wong's " Wong Wong Blues" ...just search for the title and email us if you have difficulty !